Driving Tips

  1. Before proceeding through traffic lights, you must turn your head and check right and left to ensure there are no vehicles that may be ‘running’ the red light, or pedestrians crossing against the ‘don’t walk’ sign.
  2. Before turning left you must check for bicycles and other vehicles that could be in your blind spots.
  3. When turning right you must check your blind spot and check if any vehicle is overtaking you at the same time.
  4. The minimum safe distance needed in front when driving is three seconds.
  5. When you are stopped in traffic you must keep one to two car lengths from the vehicle in front to reduce the risk of colliding with it if you are hit from behind.
  6. When you come to a stop sign you must stop completely before reaching the stop line, and as close as possible to the line.
  7. Slow down if you cannot see five seconds ahead.
  8. Buffering is keeping as much space to the sides of your vehicle as practical in any situation. You should have at least one metre from other vehicles and hazards.
  9. To reduce the risk of head-on crashes on multi-lane roads, only drive in the left lane, right lane is for overtaking or planning to turn right.
  10. When there are multiple turning lanes, you must finish in a permissible lane.
  11. You must keep your steering wheel straight while waiting to turn right, to protect you from being pushed into the oncoming traffic if hit from behind.
  12. Mounting the kerb at anytime during the test will result in a fail.
  13. You must signal for at least five seconds before leaving the kerb or a parked position.
  14. You must stop at a yellow light, unless sudden braking might cause a crash.



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